Gregory C. Jenks

Personal Information

Greg Jenks is Academic Dean at St Francis Theological College in Brisbane and teaches biblical studies in the School of Theology at Charles Sturt University. He has been an Anglican Priest since 1979, and has served in a number of parish and educational ministries.  He has worked in colleges and universities in Australia and the Middle East. 

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Academic and research interests

Dr Jenks was awarded a PhD in Studies in Religion by the University of Queensland for his research into the origins and early development of the Antichrist myth.

His particular research interests are focused on second temple Judaism and Christian origins, including historical Jesus research and Galilee in the first century of the Common Era. Current teaching areas include NT Greek, Synoptic Gospels & Acts of the Apostles, and Judaism & Early Christianity.

In addition to the Jesus Database project, Greg Jenks is involved in the following research activities:

Speaking schedule

Greg Jenks is available for presentations to parish groups, adult discussion groups, conferences and workshops on topics related to his research interests and their implications for contemporary Christianity. Invitations for future events can be directed via the contact details below. 


Greg Jenks was one of the founders of the FaithFutures Foundation, and served as the Executive Trustee from 2001 to 2013. 

Within the Foundation, Greg's particular interests lay in the area of biblical studies—particularly historical Jesus research—and the application of critical scholarship to the faith and practice of local Christian faith communities. He has been especially responsible for development of the Jesus Database project and publishes an online lectionary commentary each week. These weekly notes are available free of charge to individuals and communities that wish to use them, and can be accessed directly from the web site or by subscription.

Sermons and Op Ed pieces

Many examples of Greg Jenks' work can be found through his Jesus Database wiki site, but the following is a selective list of sermons and other pieces: