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Weekly lectionary notes prepared by Greg Jenks are available at no cost to anyone or any group wishing to receive them. These brief notes focus mostly on the weekly Gospel passages, and draw on contemporary critical scholarship in biblical studies and related fields.

The notes are designed to provide a focus for people wanting to work with the texts in advance of the following Sunday service. They are especially suitable for ...
  • anyone involved in preparation for worship as part of their spiritual discipline
  • choristers, lay ministers, musicians, preachers, readers
  • individual reflection
  • informal groups in parish and cell group settings

The notes are based on readings from the Revised Common Lectionary (RCL) and usually focus on the Gospel reading.

Past week's notes are archived on the Jesus Then & Now web site as they especially draw on the material in the Jesus Database project.

The notes are published each week on my blog at, with opportunities for comment and discussion of any points of interest each week. To subscribe for new posts simply click on the  +FOLLOW  tab that will appear near the bottom right corner of the page.