Greg Jenks! Thank you for your book ... The Once and Future Bible will probably make me start reading the Bible again. It's wonderful and I wish we could only have a few study groups like that ... we'd be fine. 

—a reader (Rockhampton)

Greg Jenks knows his Bible as “ancient texts that come from another world and another time,” wholly human in origin, sometimes mad, sometimes magnificent. He buries the notion of a supernatural “word of God,” only to affirm the continuing relevance of these words of yesterday’s men for today’s “religious progressives who live the questions, not dodge them.” A wonderful demonstration of how we might still find ways of singing the Lord’s song in the strange and brave new land of secular modernity. 

—David Boulton
Who on Earth was Jesus? and The Trouble with God.

I have read your book and find it superb. It is a volume that the market of lay persons of all religious persuasions, and those who do not have a significant religious perspective, urgently needs. It fills an obvious current vacuum, is highly readable, entertaining, and immensely informative.
—J. Harold Ellens
Honest Faith for Our TimeThe Healing Power of Spirituality and Miracles.

I've taught introductions to the Bible in US evangelical and progressive churches and, as a missionary university professor, in an ESL setting. This is the best one-volume introduction I've seen. Clean prose, scholarly accuracy, balanced interpretation, and the best set of web-based study resources I've seen for support of any religion-oriented text. An extra feature is the division into three successive modules that allow the creation of three "mini-course" modules to facilitate use with adults who can't commit to attend a a long-term continuous group. Yes, you can study it on your own with profit, but it's a wonderful vehicle for combined groups of both biblically-literate and new-to-the-Bible participants.

—Frank Glenn (review on Amazon.com) see more Amazon reviews ...

A new must-have for the bookshelves of anyone serious about the Bible is about to appear.
— Greg Spearritt (Sea of Faith in Australia blog)

Greg Jenks takes his readers on a new journey through the Holy Scriptures, reclaiming them with keen scholarship for our post-religious world. After reading the work of this emerging progressive religious thinker, the Bible will shine with a new luster. 

—John Shelby Spong
Eternal Hope: A New Vision and Jesus for the Non-Religious.