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Video/DVD interviews with the author
  • Eureka Street video interview from Common Dreams 2 conference, "Excavating the Bible for the Future."
  • Exploring the Future of the Bible - #5 in the Exploring Open Christianity DVD series from Progressive Christian Network of Victoria.
FAITHFUTURES virtual learning center
  • The FaithFutures moodle site offers a continuing series of online discussion opportunities around the issues addressed in this book. Anyone can follow the conversations with guest access, but a user account is required to contribute to the discussions.
  • The weekly Lectionary notes are available at this site, along with a forum to discuss points of interest with other people who receive these notes.
Jesus Database—Jesus Then & Now
  • At the heart of the Jesus Database is the 522 item inventory of historical Jesus materials developed by John Dominic Crossan.
  • Dozens of other short articles constitute a growing collection of wikipedia style items of interest to religious progressives.
King James Version 400 Years, 1611–2011