04 Biblical World

OFB, 52–67

Overview of chapter four

The final chapter of module one looks at what we know about the ancient world(s) from which the Bible originated and in which it was first given its special status as sacred text.
  • The first section (pp. 52–59) provides a summary of the biblical narrative, and along the way notes various points where the historicity of the Bible's account is subject to question.
  • The second section (pp. 59–64) explores various aspects of what history means, with sub-sections devoted to topics such as:
    • The art of historical knowledge
    • A sense of place
    • A sense of time, and
    • A sense of culture
  • The concluding cameo (pp. 64–67) outlines the archaeological excavations taking place at Et-Tell, the site of an ancient city on the north shore of the Sea of Galilee.

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