07 After Prophecy Ends

OFB, 104–20

Overview of chapter seven

This chapter looks at the continuing development of the biblical collection in the stage after the Prophets gain some degree of recognition. This takes us into the third section of the Tanakh known as the Writings (Ketubim), of which the largest and best known book is the Psalter.
  • The chapter begins with a brief discussion (pp. 104–05) of the problem posed by this final category of writings and the diversity of canonical forms in the Jewish and Christian traditions.
  • An overview of the Writings (pp. 105–08) offers a survey of this mixed collection, and seeks to provide some sense of its contents.
  • This is followed by a section on the Psalms (pp. 108–10), Job (pp. 110–11), Proverbs (pp. 111–13) and the five festival scrolls known as the Megilloth (pp. 113–17).
  • The concluding cameo essay (pp. 117–20) outlines the figure of Lady Wisdom.

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